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Eight Principles of Electricity Industry Reform

The end of the twentieth century was accompanied by a concerted worldwide push towards competitive reform of the electricity supply industry (ESI).  Until that stage, few countries would have questioned the economic efficiency of publicly owned vertically integrated utilities and their role as monopoly service providers in the ESI (the main exceptions being the privately … Continue Reading ››

Fiscal systems for mining in countries with mineral resources, and their effect on the commercialisation of minerals: with special reference to Brazil,

This paper likens the international mining industry to a street-market. When a multinational company is considering where to invest, it has a large number of choices. For evaluation, a mining company is likely to focus on three main issues – geological risk and reward, political and macro-economic risk and the fiscal system. Brazil ranks highly … Continue Reading ››

Regulating Energy in Federal Transition Economies: the Case of China

As China evolves towards a market economy the long-standing, command and control apparatus of regulation is becoming increasingly ineffective. This is the case in many sectors of the economy, but especially in the energy sector where the central government seeks to maintain a high degree of control. One of the principal reasons for this regulatory … Continue Reading ››