Connectivity in ASEAN: The Nordic and European Union Approaches



Energy Security and Connectivity: The Nordic and European Union Approaches

ASEAN Energy Market Integration (AEMI)


Singapore, 24–26 November 2015



Philip Andrews-Speed

Johan Strang

Birte Holst Joergensen

Hans-Arild Bredesen

Christian Egenhofer and Fabio Genoese


The AEMI Initiative is aimed at formulating policy recommendations for ASEAN to proceed from energy market “coordination” to energy market “integration” within the context of the ASEAN Economic Community. It is aimed at supporting the formulation and implementation of the latest ASEAN Plan of Action for Energy Cooperation (2016–25), which is focused on energy market integration and connectivity. The Initiative is delivered by the AEMI Group, a network of academics and experts from across the ASEAN countries, and is hosted by the ASEAN Studies Centre, Chulalongkorn University. It is conducted in cooperation with the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI) and is currently funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

As part of the AEMI Initiative, the Energy Studies Institute (ESI), of the National University of Singapore, hosted a two-day AEMI Forum. The principal objective of this Forum was to develop approaches to governing energy connectivity and energy security as part of ASEAN energy market integration. Particular attention was paid to evaluating the applicability of the Nordic approach, and to contrasting this approach with that taken by the EU. This issue was particularly timely, given the ongoing deliberations on the Laos PDR–Thailand–Malaysia–Singapore Power Integration Project (LTMS PIP), as part of the deployment of the ASEAN Power Grid (APG). Participants of the Forum included academics, experts, policy-makers, ASEAN officials, as well as representatives from Embassies, the private sector, and international organisations.

These Proceedings comprise five papers written initially as background papers for the Forum and then finalised after the Forum. They are:

  • “Energy Security and Energy Connectivity in the Context of ASEAN Energy Market Integration” by Philip Andrews-Speed
  • “Nordic Political and Economic Cooperation: Context, History and Outlook” by Johan Strang
  • “Nordic Energy Policy Cooperation” by Birte Holst Joergensen
  • “The Nord Pool Market Model” by Hans-Arild Bredesen
  • “Energy Security and Energy Connectivity in the Context of European Energy Market Integration” by Christian Egenhofer and Fabio Genoese

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