International Competition for Resources: The Role of Law, the State and of Markets

publication_images_International_Competition_for_Resources_455771593International Competition, edited by Philip Andrews-Speed, Director of CEPMLP, examines the evolving and current state of the energy and minerals industry from the perspective of competition for resources, focusing on the role of law, the state and markets. This collection of six papers is the product of CEPMLP’s 30th anniversary conference in 2007. Andrews-Speed’s introduction reflects upon the economic and resource trends in the energy and resource industries over the last 30 years, drawing on the similarities in world affairs between then and now while highlighting the differences in the economic, political and legal climate in the competition for resources.

International Competition addresses a range of important and underlying issues facing the energy and mineral industry from economic and legal viewpoints. It also provokes thought on how to adapt solutions to tackling future challenges in the deceptively static resource cycle.

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