Publication of new book “China, Oil and Global Politics”

At last, the sequel to the Adelphi Paper of 2002 (The Strategic Implications of China’s Energy Policy) is published. Co-authored with Roland Dannreuther.

The aims of this book are:

  1. to identify the sources of this external oil policy by examining the dynamics of China’s domestic energy sector, and
  2. to show how energy is affecting the government’s foreign policy.

The unique contribution of this book to the debate on China’s international energy policies lies in its linking of domestic energy policy with international oil activities, and in its global scope.

The key messages are:

  1. that the ability of China’s government to radically change the pattern of rising energy demand is tightly constrained;
  2. that the driving forces behind China’s international oil and gas activities are multiple and cannot be assumed to always converge;
  3. that China’s government has multiple strategies for its engagement in the international oil and gas arena; and
  4. that these strategies need not necessarily be seen as threatening global security.


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